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If your company produces hazardous materials as waste, we should talk. 

We can effectively balance regulations, risks, and costs to provide you with a unique, efficient solution.

In today’s incredibly competitive business environment, every dollar spent must contribute to improving the bottom line. Our experience and innovation deliver customer value; it’s all that matters.


“How do we manage hazardous waste?”

Let us provide you with compliant, auditable solutions that save your organization’s resources while reducing liability.


Allow one of our technical reps to assess your waste process, and if needed, provide helpful ideas. If we identify any opportunities between our companies we would be pleased to provide a confidential proposal.


The safety and protection of you and your employees is extremely important to us at Photech. We have the experience and expertise to teach; you have the power and right to learn.


We have disposed of more than a million pounds of expired, off-spec, reject, and discontinued merchandise. We can destroy, recycle, export, or sell your unwanted product—whichever method you prefer.

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Industries Serviced

Chances are we can help if your company has to manage hazardous waste in any way, but we have particular success in the following areas: Manufacturing, Light & Heavy Industrial, Government/Institutional, Universities & Colleges, Medical

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